How to Find the Right Home Based Business

How To Find The Right Home Based Business

You know the feeling you get deep inside when you’re about to make a big decision?

That knotty-churning one when you’re not absolutely certain this is the one thing you need to be doing?

Come on…think marriage proposal, or even “going steady.”  Maybe the last time you felt it was when you joined your current (or last) business opportunity.  You did all the research, and you really liked your sponsor, so you pulled the trigger and jumped in…then crickets.  I mean, sure, you got the standard on-boarding experience and a little training on prospecting, but that was about it.  No one REALLY showed you how to generate leads or make sales.

That’s Why It’s Important To Find The Right Home Business For You – The Right Fit.

There are a few important things to look for when you are making this very important decision to help you set yourself up for success instead of heartbreak and empty pockets.  I’ve put together my top 3 to help you.

If you are new and just learning how to market online, consider joining an affiliate marketing program or licensing products that already have a good track record.  Think of it like a “plug-and-play” business.  You simply plug into a system that already works, and start earning while you learn how to run the business.  Sounds pretty cool, right?  Affiliate Marketing and Product Licensing specialize in these plug-and-play offers.  The trick is finding the right one where you really do get training and support while you are learning.  Here are a few tips to help you sift through the legions of opportunities out there.

When you are looking for the right home based business, you should…

Focus on the Business Systems to Find the Right Home Based BusinessHow To Find The Right Home Based Business

It can be overwhelming when you first start, so you will want to find a Home Based Business that offers you step-by-step training to get started.  They should also have systems that work, and are easy to navigate.  If you are promoting affiliate offers, you will need links and artwork (“creatives”) to promote your products with ads.  Your long-term success could be dependent on a few good systems.  The best home based businesses have tracking systems in place to see your results and know which campaigns produced them.  This is a crucial part of your business, and you don’t want to leave it to guesswork.

Find the Right Home Based Business With a Group or Team Website, and a Training Hub

When you are checking out the home based businesses that appeal to you, look for support.  If you are just learning how to start an online business, then team training on traffic and lead generation methods that work will be important to your success.  This “team” concept is not always available in affiliate marketing or product licensing groups as there is natural competition between affiliates.  However, in the Online Profit Team, we have developed a system where each affiliate can compete in contests and retain all the profits from their own results while still supporting others on the team and in the community.

Find Success In Your New Home Based Business By Treating It Like a Business, Not a Hobby

Many of us have been willing victims of the “shiny object syndrome” from time to time.  You must avoid this like the plague!  Even within one opportunity, you may have training available of multiple proven traffic methods and lead generation strategies that work.  However, you should pick one method in the beginning, and stick with it until you get consistent results.  I recommend 90 days of consistent results before you add a second traffic method.

In addition to traffic and lead generation training, you can get completely sucked into social media news feed, and lose time.  Log in, take care of business, and log out or close the tab.  This takes some discipline.  You can use a timer to control the time you spend on social sites if you need networking time.  Another social time management strategy that works is to set aside a specific block of time for social networking and catching up on your notifications and messages.  You can do this once or twice a day and stay completely on top of necessary news.  You no longer need to know what happened to your cousin’s neighbor’s daughter’s boyfriend on the way to work.  Seriously, you don’t need to know.

When You Find the Right Home Based Business – Final Success Tip

You will want to schedule your business time in advance, and block the time on your calendar.  If you are starting part-time while still working a full-time “day-job,” this is even more crucial.  With most home based businesses, you can see results in about an hour a day.  As a matter of fact, many of our team members have been finding results with our new Internet Funnel System.  With this system, you are given step-by-step personal coaching.

You also have the added bonuses provided by membership in the Online Profit Team:

  • Team training on business systems
  • Authority site that provides “follow-me” linking for your marketing and social sharing, so you don’t miss out on commissions.
  • Community of support with a private Facebook Group
  • Regular training on traffic methods that are “working now”
  • Done-For-You Lead Magnets to help you attract targeted leads and prospects to your offers.
  • 10 additional income streams are available to you within the team site, so as you grow your knowledge and skills, you can offer more solutions to your audience, all from our team site hub.
  • Opportunity to gain leadership experience in your new community.  As you grow and have success, you can teach others about what works for you, and help newcomers learn.  This develops your leadership skills and helps you grow as an entrepreneur.

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